The Journey so far…

Stand Up Comedy & more

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve seen me before. Am I that guy at your sister’s wedding? Did we go to the same school? Did you build my duplex? I look oddly familiar. Well, probably because I do a lot of different things.

Places you’ve probably seen me include-

On a building site

At the Comic Lounge

On the cover of your kid’s bedtime story

The Block

In a music video

On a billboard as you drive through Melbourne CBD

Ok, sounds far fetched, but ALL TRUE. I’m that builder guy who’s sometimes on The Block who wrote a children’s story while telling jokes. What kind of jokes? Well, I tend to call it as I see it. I’m fairly honest and truthful, edgy and not one to hold back from saying, well… I wouldn’t call myself politically correct.

I’m happy to stretch the boundaries and say what people are thinking. As far as I know, there are no other builder / comedian / children’s authors out there.

Not in Melbourne anyway.

So, where did it all begin?

My first stand up gig was at the Brighton Hotel. Since then, I’ve toured all over Australia with over 1000 shows, including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. But, my home club is the mighty Comics Lounge – Voted Top 10 in the world and the only Australian club on the list.

So please support local comedy at The Comics Lounge.

These days, I’m embarking on an animated journey with Stepmates Studios with Daddy Loves you, The Baby That Growls & The Craig Millar Show…


So, check out my trailer for my new TV series where I tell it like it is. If you’re reading this and you’re under the age of six, well done, and ask your parents to buy you something more age appropriate, like ‘The Baby That Growls’.

Craig Millar Daddyman

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