Daddyman the impending internet sensation

Daddy Loves You is the latest YouTube hit song by comedian Craig Millar, aka Daddyman. 

Every night, Craig would listen as his two girls drifted off to sleep to the sweet lullaby ‘Mummy Loves You’. Not to be one outdone by his wife, Craig came up with his own lullaby, the beatboxing hit, ‘Daddy Loves You’, by his alias, ‘Daddyman’. 

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Daddyman and girls dancing
Book cover The Baby That Growls by Craig Millar

The children’s book, The Baby That Growls by Craig Millar was inspired by his daughter, Ivy. 

Little Ivy would growl. It was so odd, seeing a baby girl growl that Craig wrote a rhyming book based on her odd habit. Illustrated by Leigh Hedstrom, the book was released at Ivy’s first birthday party to surprised family and friends.

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